Our Most Requested Services

Sample Trip Quotes

To give you a ballpark idea, here are some sample quotes for requests we’ve gotten from our customers:


Example #1:

A high school in Riverside is organizing a field trip for 120 students to visit colleges in the area. The organizer wants to provide comfortable transportation so the students can relax during the trip, rather than taking multiple school buses. They request a quote from us for a 56 passenger charter bus for a Saturday trip. The route will take them from the school to view colleges like UC Riverside, La Sierra University, and California Baptist University. The total trip duration is 8 hours. We provide them a quote of $1,980 for the day, which comes out to only $16.50 per student. The 8 hour block rate on Saturdays for a 56 passenger bus is $165 per hour, totaling $1,320. We also charge a small service fee of $100 and estimate an additional $560 for the 200 mile round trip distance. The organizer happily accepts the quote, finding it very affordable for such a large group. We make the process seamless by handling all details.


Example #2

A large accounting firm in Riverside needs transportation for an important client retreat they are hosting. They expect 75 attendees and want a luxurious charter bus to handle airport transfers for VIP guests, daily commutes between the hotel and their Riverside office, and excursions around the city. We provide a quote for a high-end 56 passenger charter bus for 5 days during peak season. The total mileage will be around 300 miles. We estimate the total cost to be approximately $9,500. This includes the daily charter bus rental fee of $1,650, 300 miles at $2.25 per mile totaling $675, and a 10% gratuity of $950 for exceptional service. The accounting firm is impressed with the polished, reliable service we provide. Our charter buses offer features like leather seats, WiFi, TVs, and USB charging ports to keep their executives comfortable and productive.


Example #3:

Many youth sports teams in Riverside find our charter buses to be the perfect transportation solution for away games and tournaments. For example, let’s say a girls soccer team needs transportation for an upcoming weekend tournament 2 hours away in San Diego. They will need roundtrip travel from Riverside to San Diego, as well as shuttles between the hotel and fields over the course of the weekend. For a 56 passenger charter bus rented Friday evening through Sunday afternoon, we would quote around $2,100. This covers all driving hours and mileage. Divided among a 56 passenger bus, this comes out to only around $37 per person – a bargain compared to everyone driving separately. The quote process takes just minutes on our website, and our dispatchers can help customize the itinerary. Charter bus transportation makes team travel affordable and hassle-free.


Example #4:

A local youth soccer team in Riverside is planning an end-of-season day trip for the players and their families to celebrate a successful season. The coach decides to rent a charter bus for the day to comfortably transport the 25 players and parents to Disneyland for a fun day at the park. He books a 28-passenger charter bus for a day rate of $1,600 to accommodate the group size. This rate includes the bus rental for 10 hours, starting at 6 AM for pickup in Riverside and a drop off back in Riverside at 4 PM after a full day of fun at the park. With the day rate and no hidden fees, it comes out to only $64 per person for the charter bus transportation to Disneyland and back. The coach tips 15% at the end of the trip, bringing the total to $1,840. With the convenience, comfort and reliability of a charter bus, it was the perfect transportation option for their day trip to Disneyland.


Example #5:

A bride and groom are getting married in Riverside and want to provide comfortable transportation for their 80 wedding guests. They decide to rent a 25-passenger charter bus to shuttle guests between the hotel, ceremony, and reception venues. Since the wedding and reception are at different locations, they need continuous service from 10am-10pm on a Saturday in June. At a rate of $150 per hour, their 12 hour rental costs $1,800. They also rent a 20-passenger bus for the bachelor and bachelorette parties from 8pm-2am at $200 per hour, totaling $800. Between both buses, their total charter bus rental costs come to $2,600 plus tips. The continuous service and larger buses provide plenty of room and eliminate parking headaches, creating a smooth wedding day transport experience for their guests.

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